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At Pakistan Cables we are committed to achieve and enhance customer satisfaction by providing quality Cables, Copper Rod, Aluminium Extrusions and PVC Compounds. This is achieved by manufacturing products according to the relevant national or international standards and customer requirements.

PCL shall continually review and improve the effectiveness of Quality Management System in line with its objectives of achieving higher productivity and quality.


The Company reiterates its commitment to consistently deliver enhanced value to its customers, through continued improvement of its products and processes. The quality management system of the Company continues to conform to ISO 9001:2000 across all departments of the Company as certified by BVQI, UK. Pakistan Cables, being an ISO 9002 certified company, has trained personnel who are motivated and instructed to fulfill all requirements laid down in the Quality Assurance Standard.

Pakistan Cables has adequate resources that are essential to implement the quality system and to achieve its quality objectives as out lined in its Quality Policy. The maintenance of the quality management system is achieved through Internal Quality Audits. The main purpose of the Quality Audits is to take necessary corrective action to eliminate deviations and bring further improvements to the system.

The Quality Control Programme for electrical cables at Pakistan Cables comprises of:

1   Receiving Inspection and Testing

2   In Process Inspection and Testing

3   Final Inspection and Testing


The Company has a highly advanced Quality Assurance Laboratory which is equipped with state of the art equipment and is manned by professional and skilled personnel who are engaged to check process variables at every step of the manufacturing process, ensuring that all products comply with relevant international specifications. A considerable portion of inspection man hours are spent on the production floor where quality is built into the product. The finished cable is then subjected to tests as per standards.

Complaint Handling

Pakistan Cables also maintains a complaint handling procedure which involves the Technical Manager, Works Manager, Marketing Director and the Chief Executive Officer. Each complaint is promptly investigated, corrective and preventive action is then implemented. 

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