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Today, Pakistan Cables is regarded as the pioneer within the industry owing to its rich heritage, world-class expertise and commitment to deliver on its promises to its valued customers both home and abroad.

Pakistan Cables, the country's premier and most trusted cable manufacturer, was established in 1953 under the visionary stewardship of the company’s founder, the (late) Mr. Amir Sultan Chinoy. His entrepreneurial endeavors resulted in a joint venture with British Insulated Callender's Cable (BICC), UK to set up Pakistan Cables in Karachi. BICC was one of the leading cable manufacturing companies in the world during the time. Over the years, Pakistan Cables has earned a reputation as a market leader in the country and a company that does not compromise on quality. The company is Pakistan’s only cable manufacturer listed and traded as PCAL on the Pakistan Stock Exchange since 1955. It is a Public Listed Company.

Company Registration Date:

22 April 1953

Date and Number of licenses issued to the Company:

INC. No: 0000591
NTN No: 0711509-1
STRN: 02-02-7605-001-82

Pakistan Cables is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001 certified and has had numerous cables type tested by the world renowned KEMA Laboratory in Netherlands.

During 2010 -2017, Pakistan Cables remained an affiliate of General Cable, which was among the world's largest cable companies at the time with a global presence of 57 plants in 26 countries. The affiliation with General Cable contributed to the pioneering stature of Pakistan Cables by enhancing technical support, exposure to innovative technology, exchange of best practices, procurement advantages and export opportunities.

Anticipating the need of energy conservation and efficiency in Pakistan’s power transmission and distribution System, the company launched Pakistan’s first Aluminum Conductor Composite Core ACCC®. This is a proven innovative technology worldwide. Pakistan Cables Limited has launched this product in collaboration with CTC Global Inc., USA.


CUIN Registration Number: 0000591

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