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We value health and safety of our people and communities we serve. That's why we remain committed to promoting occupational health and safety initiatives to minimizes work related risks. We have a comprehensive Health, Safety Environment Management System and HSE policy which is supported through a robust training programme and self-audits, internal audits and periodic management reviews.

It matters to us how we do business, hence all aspects of business thrive on attaining commercial and environmental efficiencies. We manufacture products that support green environment.


99.99% pure copper is used in manufacturing cables that results in lower line losses and hence conservation of energy.


The complete product range manufactured and distributed through Alumex, as an alternative to wood windows and doors, helps in reducing de-forestation.


Pakistan Cables encourages its customers to return the wooden cables drums for reusing that also contributes towards reducing wastage and de-forestation.

As the Company has its own Power Plant, with waste heat recovery and vapor absorption chillers, it is able to more efficiently utilize gas and electricity, thus ensuring energy conservation.

Pakistan Cables endeavors to ensure Health and Safety of its employees and other associates at its premises. Impact on environment is always kept in mind while performing all company activities. The well-defined HSE policy plays a vital role in decision making at all levels to ensure full compliance of statutory requirements and best industry practices. Plant operations are strictly controlled to maintain safe environment for workers as well as the surrounding community. Several measures have been taken to control pollution and to maintain a clean, green and healthy environment which includes.

  • Prevention of process gas emission into the atmosphere.
  • Recycling of waste heat and continuous efforts to improve greenery.
  • Maintaining a clean environment in and around the factory through horticulture, better housekeeping, etc.
  • All potentially hazardous material is monitored by the Company to ensure that best practices are followed in environmental protection. For example, any anodizing waste is neutralized as per NEQ standards prior to discharge.

In-line with management's objective, Pakistan Cables is certified for OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health & Safety Management System) and ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System). Pakistan Cables was the first cable manufacturer to in Pakistan to achieve the OHS&E (Integrated) certifications.

As a member of the UN Global Compact that supports the ten principles of the Global Compact in respect to Human Rights, Labor rights, Protection of the Environment and Anti-corruption, we remain committed to play our part responsibly.

UN Global Compact Communication on Progress 2021-2022

Pakistan Cables is driven to provide a healthier and safer workplace to its employees. List of awards received over the years in recognisition of the Company's consistent efforts are given below:


  • 11th OSH&E Compliance Award 2016, organized by Employers’ Federation of Pakistan (EFP) and supported by the International Labour Organization (ILO)
  • 12th Annual Environmental Excellence Awards 2015, organized by National Forum  for Environment & Health (NFEH) and supported by United Nation  Environmental  Program (UNEP)
  • Workplace Environment Award 2014, organized by Employers’ Federation of Pakistan (EFP)
  • Global Compact Network Pakistan Excellence Contest 2013-14
  • 10th Annual Environmental Excellence Awards 2013, Organized by National Forum for Environment & Health (NFEH) and supported by United Nation Environmental Program (UNEP) 
  • 8th Annual Environmental Excellence Awards 2011, Organized by National Forum  for Environment & Health (NFEH) and supported by United Nation Environmental Program (UNEP)
  • 7th Annual Environmental Excellence Award 2010, organized by National Forum  for Environment & Health (NFEH) and supported by United Nation Environmental Program (UNEP)


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